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Who Am I?
Hello. If you didn’t happen to catch it, I am Amber. As mentioned in my bio I am not a parent, teacher, wife or homeowner. I am the third of six children in my family. When I was younger, my parents were foster parents and my mom later became a daycare owner. It has had a big impact on my life. I would help take care all of the children that would come into my home, including my three adopted brothers.
I was raised with a love and appreciation for children. I spent hours setting up and playing school with my siblings, I always the teacher.  When my first niece was born I set out to learn new and creative ways to help her learn.
My grandmother had the biggest influence on me. Growing up she made each of her grandchildren a quilt and a sock monkey. When she came to visit she would teach us how to make her famous kringlas or pizza from scratch. She inspired me to teach myself how to sew and cook. In high-school I designed and made my own homecoming and prom dress. I later made my sisters wedding dress.
When I discovered the Food Network Channel show’s Food Network Challenge and Ace of Cakes I was hooked. I watched the showed and brainstormed ways I could recreate the cakes they made. So in high school, I braved the kitchen and set out to learn how to make fondant cakes.
As the years have gone I have learned new skills and techniques. My aspiration is to open a bakery which serves as a sanctuary for people to hang out and enjoy tasty treats. I dream about after school and summer programs that teach children of all ages how to bake and decorate. But, for now it is just me and my kitchen. I have made cakes for baby showers, birthdays, and even weddings.
I am currently a fourth year student at a University in Washington. I took a break from my bakery dreams to pursue a degree in Social Work. My experience with foster children and my brothers helped me to see that I wanted to help other foster children find homes they deserve. Social Work has taught me so much more than that. It has helped me prune my convictions as a christian.
I became a christian in 2010, three years ago. I was raised in a religious home and attended a private school until fifth grade. I wrestled with the idea of God and whether or not he truly exists. My senior year of high school was a tough year but it answered my question. During that year, both my grandfather and grandmother passed away along with seven friends, neighbors, and classmates. I became increasingling aware of my mortality. My parents began attending church at the beginning of that school year and my mother invited me to join them. I went and in just one sermon I realized many of my smaller questions had been answered or at least I knew they could be answered. They used the bible to answer questions and build convictions. Nine months later, after both my mother and father got baptized, I studied the bible to find the true meaning of a christian, a disciple of jesus, and I, too, got baptized. I study my bible every day and strive to pray to God daily.
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Why am blogging?
I started this blog as a way to share my life with the world. The three most important things to me are faith, love, and cake. Hence the name. I want to share with you my faith; things I am reading in the bible, my thoughts, and encouragements. I want to share with you my love; for my family, boyfriend, friends, organization, making things and people. I wan to share with you my cakes; what I made, what I learned, and how to make things. I hope my words can encourage you and help in some way. I hope that my post can teach or inspire you in your faith, love, and cake.
With that being said, only one person knows what you want to hear about and how to truly encourage you, and that’s you. I would love to hear feed back and requests for posts. Feel free to comment, email, pin, tweet, hashtag…

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